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Grant Cardon: Adopting the learned habits of successful entrepreneurs.

Are you ready for entrepreneurship? Even if you think you know the answer, there are 100 sure ways. You can either dive into a new business first and see what happens, or you can learn the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The second option will save time, money and the wrong energy. Once and for all, you may ask yourself, am I willing to do what successful entrepreneurs have done?

In this episode of Stunning Ideas, Tristan Ahmed, editor of Successful People, talks to Grant Cardon, CEO of Cartoon Enterprises and Cardon Capital, about what makes a business person successful.

1. They know how to meet in the middle.

Successful business people know that life goes beyond their goals. Millions of people are working hard every day to make a better life for themselves. We all want the same thing, albeit in different ways. That’s why helping other people succeed is the foundation of entrepreneurship. Everyone has goals, but who would be so brave (and kind) to help others achieve what they want first?

Cardon called it a “meeting in the middle.” This is what he does with his wife, Elena Cardon, who is equally busy with life. She is a writer, businesswoman, public speaker, event producer and more. Making sure they can pursue their dreams is a compromise.

It’s the same with business. You get the best results when people work together for a common goal, and sometimes that means negotiating. When you partner with another company, you negotiate terms that work for both parties. If customers say they like your product, but it’s hard to use, you make adjustments and meet them halfway. Meeting people in the meantime – whether they’re your customers, colleagues or friends – can accelerate your success.

Here are three steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

  • Acknowledge that everyone has their own life agenda.
  • Identify a common goal and make it the glue of your relationship.
  • Give without expecting anything in return.

2. They are not afraid of responsibility.

Most people see entrepreneurship as a gateway to money and freedom, and they are not wrong. Some employees want an alternative to working 40 hours a week for a salary that stops growing very quickly. They feel pressured to need more resources, especially when they start a family and make their dreams come true.

But this is one side of the spectrum. On the opposite side are people who just want to work for themselves. They are tired of taking orders, and in their eyes, entrepreneurship is one way.

“I think a lot of business people and solo pioneers are actually trying to avoid responsibility. You’re like, ‘I’m going to work for myself.’ It’s going to be easy, “says Cardon.” It’s not going to be easy. If it is going to be easy, it will be a failure. Self-employment is not a business. It’s a job … you are always working to solve someone else’s problem, to serve someone, to do something for someone else.

If you’re running from 9 to 5, you probably don’t see the next step for it:

  • Possibly going into debt to start a business.
  • Work over 40 hours to make your project a success.
  • More than two responsibilities you took on your 9th to 5th.
  • Successful business people are in control of almost every single situation. They can open up your best life, but you have to accept responsibility.

3. They know the secret of climbing out of a root.

Whether you’re an employee or a business, it’s easy to get burned out when things go awry. But where does this feeling come from? Is it because you’re tired and overworked or because you don’t feel connected to what you’re doing?

“I’ve thrown dirt where I thought I was jealous because it’s a term accepted in our society,” Cardon said. “I’ve never really burned. I’ve just finished. I’ve done the same thing many times. It’s not interesting anymore, although it will be really interesting for other people. It’s not a challenge.”

The only way out is to look to the future. Maybe your life and business are not developing the way you want it to, and that’s fine. At least you acknowledged the problem. Now you can start working on this solution, which is asking yourself, what’s next?

The answer is different for everyone, so think deeply about what you want. For Cardon, a new beginning is always exciting. Let him start a new business and prove himself again Instead of burning it

Knowing how to solve problems, taking responsibility and overcoming challenges is the foundation of entrepreneurship. Start building these habits today, and it will be much easier to start and grow a business.

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